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      WelcomeHebei Xinda Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. !

        Hebei Xinda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. well know as Longhua Metal Component Factory, is located at the Industrial Zone, Longhua Town, Jing County, Hebei Province, where railways and expressways pass by, including Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) Railway, Jingjiu (Beijing-Kowloon) Railway, Jingfu (Beijing-Fuzhou) Expresswayand Hengde (Hengshui-Dezhou) Expressway.Founded in 1989, we are a professional mechanical part manufacturer, and we can do several processes, such as lathing, milling, planning, locksmith, forging and heat treat. 

        Our plant covers an area of 56,000 square meters, with building of 35,000 square meters.  The value of fixed assets is over RMB60,000,000, and our yearly production value is over RMB100,000,000.Now we have 486 employees, including 68 ones with college education, 108 ones with technician education.  And we have over 300 sets of production equipment, (including 30 sets imported from Japan, such as quenching furnace, centerless grinding machine, maching center and turning center), and over 50 sets of inspection and test equipment (including Japan Mitutoyo Roundness Measuring Instrument, Hexago 3-coordinate Measuring Instrument, hardness tester, projector and metaloscope). Cooperated with management system, our products have been accredited to ISO9001 in 2001 and top ranked around the globe. 

        You are warmly welcome to contact us for further information or business!  We believe we have the base of cooperation based on mutual benefit.  We can make kinds of mechanical parts for you.


      Being Honest & Creditable      We always insist on the policy of Being Honest and Creditable and the policy of Reputation First, as we believe this is the way to build our brand.

      Emphasizing Scientific Technology.      Scientific technology can bring benefits and markets. We sincerely hope to seek mutual benefit and development with friends. 
      Quality First.
            We regard quality as basic factor for enterprise development. It is our constant pursuit to create excellent quality products.

      Service Utmost.      Sincerity is our service tenet while Customer Satisfaction is the standard of our service.